What is Therapy?

The term therapy signifies a treatment that is intended to relieve or heal a mental, physiological or psychological disorder by psychological or physiological means. Please forgive me that I, as a Hypnotherapist, only focus on the mental and psychological aspects, although these can, and most likely will, have positive effects on the physical aspects as well.

Therapy takes time!
It is a process where the client meets with the therapist in order to resolve obstructive behaviours, beliefs and feelings.
The goal of therapy is to help people develop healthier and more effective habits. To reach this goal psychotherapists, as well as Hypnotherapists, use scientifically validated procedures such as

  • Psychoanalysis,
  • Psychodynamic Therapies,
  • Behaviour Therapy,
  • Cognitive Therapy,
  • Humanistic Therapy,
  • Integrative Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy

This way Therapists help their clients work through the client's problems and issues. Therapy encourages the client to learn ways and skills to cope with feelings and change hindering behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs.

Often the term therapy is used interchangeably with the term counselling. But there is a difference. Psychological Counselling is usually more short term than Psychotherapy and focusses on a much narrower range of issues.

Talk Therapy (Psychotherapy) is very helpful in the treatment of depression, bipolar disorder or other mood disorders.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective treatment for anxiety disorders.

Scientific studies show that therapy really works. In fact, it works as well, if not better, than medication when it comes to treating depression and anxiety.

Therapy is beneficial in many ways:

  • It makes you feel less alone with your problems, issues and beliefs.
  • It helps you see your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and behaviour from a different perspective.
  • It allows you to set aside time to confront your feelings and to share the burden of your emotional chaos.

All this makes it easier for you to cope in everyday life and can even improve your physical wellbeing as our physical and emotional health are interlinked. In case you struggle with relationship problems therapy provides all sides involved with the benefit of a neutral party.

Scientific research shows that even brief therapy is highly effective in dealing with common mental health problems and brings about happier and healthier people.

Hypnotherapy is facilitating these different techniques and brings them directly to the emotional centre, thus often shortening the process even further!