What is Streethypnosis?

Again, differently to Hypnotherapy but similar to Stage Hypnosis, is the entertainment form of Hypnosis that is performed in shopping centres, on public places or simply on the street: street hypnosis.
Normally it is performed on random people; pedestrians, shoppers, small groups outside or inside a pub. It is for entertainment purposes of spectators and bystanders but without any therapeutical intend.

Differently to the entertainment form of Hypnosis called Stage Hypnosis, this form does not rely on volunteers on a stage and in some very extreme cases not even on volunteering bypassers. Not only for that reason proper precautions have to be taken since the unique challenges are normally strange to the hypnotist and the reaction can be unpredictable.
But also for the victim or volunteer in this setting, the hypnosis practitioner has to ensure safety and a secure environment.

Someone performing this form of hypnosis has to take some time to establish rapport with the subject. Also, a catchy and convincing opener is usually used in order to draw attention and get permission for the performance.

The performer should make sure to give his subject a brief explanation about street hypnosis, the safety precautions that help him gaining their trust, and usually he will make the volunteer feel comfortable.

In street hypnosis, the inductions are generally more rapid compared to traditional stage hypnosis. These special techniques are also taken from traditional Hypnotherapy and a Hypnotherapist may utilise them in his therapy sessions, but usually not during the first couple of sessions.

The most common and popular technique used in street hypnosis is the Handshake interrupt, where the performer starts by shaking the hand of the subject and interrupts it at a certain point starting the suggestion of the routine.

When confused the mind of any person is more vulnerable to suggestions, and interrupting a routine task, such as a handshake, can create such a moment of confusion and hesitation. This can cause when done well a trance state that can be changed into a state of hypnosis.

It is necessary to deepen and reinforce the trance so that the volunteer does not emerge from the routine before the performer is ready for it.

However, the performer needs lucidity and a lot of self-confidence when trying to get the subject to respond to the instructions.

All suggestions for Street or Stage hypnosis must be entertaining and simple and must be in a non-embarrassing way. The subject must not be endangered in any way.

The only valid point for stage and street hypnosis is to to be able to demonstrate the power of the mind. The aspect of entertaining spectators at the same time is vital only for performer, not for proper hypnotists or even Hypnotherapists, who are not permitted to participate in Street or Stage shows, at least if they are members of a recognised and trustworthy accreditation body.
However, proper Infotainment without the show effect or demonstrations during a talk can have a similar effect and is not in breach of the proper code of conduct of any serious and trustworthy accreditation body.

Typical suggestions in a street performance are

  • to ask to give away possessions
  • convincing that someone is fixed on the spot
  • that someone is not able to move.