What is Mind-Coaching?

A mind coach has the same goal as a hypnotherapist. Both want to help their clients to achieve a long-term behavioural change, reach their goals and become better versions of themselves.

Mind Coaches, sometimes also called Mindset coaches, are dedicated to helping their clients to become the very best versions of themselves. Together with their clients they "rewire" their client’s mindset in order to unlock their full potential. Normally these coaches refrain from directly giving advice or solving problems.

A mind coach will show you techniques of concentration as to where to place your focus at the right time. And a Mind Coach will help you stay on track. He will teach you the importance of being accountable to yourself and your goals.

By using principles of psychology and neuroscience, the mind coach will guide you in getting rid of mental blocks for good. He will provide you with an understanding of the psychological and physiological processes going on in your mind and body, some of which you cannot control consciously. It is all about self-awareness. Without self-awareness, no conscious change can happen.

A mind coach understands the brain, and its effects on your body and your performance. He teaches you to understand your reactions. He will work with you on how to positively manage them. You need to take control of your reactions in order to become more successful overall.

A hypnotherapist will induce a state of trance in which you are absolutely relaxed and focussed but fully aware of your surroundings. He then will make suggestions that your subconscious mind can take on, a change of perspective, a kind of reprogramming to achieve a long-term change of undesired and hindering behaviour.
This sub-conscious work in combination with the conscious work of a Mind Coach enables change and improvements on all levels and in all areas of life.